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Thriving in the midst of chaos

How to change attitude and kick-start your New Normal

Being Innovative & an Innovator

Implement non-conventional approaches to become a positive role model and a driving force for change

Being More Efficient

Promote a new organizational culture that improves processes and limits conflicts

Who is this for?

Do you need to manage change? Do you feel a lack of motivation in your organization? Would you like to give your projects that extra edge?
Changing attitude can be the answer you are looking for.

The Good Attitude is a training program designed for businesses, professionals, and anyone with a desire to change the status quo.

What is this for?

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How does it work?


Initial assessment

We will first assess your specific needs. We will then arrange a meeting to define the objectives, identify who needs to be involved, and how to organize the agenda to best meet your requirements. Following this meeting, we will create a tailored proposal.

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The workshop is normally around 3/4 hours long, and can be done online as well, in multiple sessions. It involves both theory modules including main concepts, examples, real-life facts and experiences, as well as interactive sessions. During these, we will explore and test these methods together, applying them to concrete case studies or ad hoc situation models - for example, a guided brainstorming session to work through the Six Thinking Hats process.

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MENTORING (optional)

We can follow the team or individual for a period of time through mentoring and change tracking. During this time, we will work together on a specific project to capitalize on the knowledge and skills acquired. We will define together some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that will quantify your improvement.


What will be covered?

Diffusion Innovation Models

We will reveal the strategies used by the best innovators, and analyze audience categories, according to their propensity to adopt new ideas, tools, or technologies.

Nonviolent Communication Strategy

We will evaluate how we express ourselves and listen to others, and try to apply empathic communication styles to avoid conflicts.

Emotional Intelligence

We will train the ability to understand and monitor our feelings, as well as those of others, to achieve business and leadership success.

Lateral Thinking

We will provide you with a practical guide to tackle an analysis or solve a problem. This guide involves an indirect approach that prompts an assessment of the issue from different viewpoints, as suggested by the Six Thinking Hats Method.

Servant Leadership

We will redefine the “leader” concept, and introduce a new, holistic vision according to which the leader places her/his skills and role at the service of the team, and organizational mission.

Balancing Skills

We will teach you how to map your inclinations and skills and define an improvement action plan that boosts your well-being.

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The project

the good attitude

Micaela Raimondi and Federica Digiorgio founded “The Good Attitude”, a training, discussion, and collaboration platform to promote good workplace & life practices.
Our mission is to support a change-oriented movement that, without prejudice, welcomes anyone interested in improving the status quo, and starting a New Normal.

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“I would recommend it to share an aim and policy to manage cooperation and coo-petition within both homogeneous and heterogeneous work teams Channel Marketing Manager”

Channel Marketing Manager


“The course helped me clarify and acquire an increased awareness of the value I can add to my organization”

Digital Marketing Specialist


“I would recommend it as it taught me new approaches and rules to adopt in the field of communication”

Marketing Distribution Manager

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