I’m Micaela Raimondi and I’m a Temporary Marketing Manager

Curiosity is my source of inspiration

I love making things happen and sharing my energy with others

After a career as a marketing director for multinational companies and innovative startups, I’ve decided to offer my expertise to business people like you. 

Whether you need to define a marketing strategy for your company, grow your team or tell an engaging brand story, I can help you deliver these projects effectively and fast.

I founded 👉 “The Good Attitude”, a training, discussion, and collaboration platform to promote good workplace & life practices. Our mission is to support a change-oriented movement that, without prejudice, welcomes anyone interested in improving the status quo, and starting a New Normal.

Where can I start?


CHANGE Management

Need help in managing change? Sense a lack of motivation in your company? Fancy taking your projects up a gear?

A change in attitude can often be the answer.

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Marketing Strategico


Need to create a marketing strategy from scratch? Including pinpointing how to hit your goals and which tools and resources to do it with?

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Marketing Operativo


Need to strengthen your marketing team?

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Brand Identity


Need to create a brand identity to tell the story of your brand, your values and your product effectively?

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Progetti Speciali


Need to launch a special project?

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I supported Contents.com as Temporary Marketing Manager during the critical phase of launching the new software tool and the entry of an investment fund. The objective was build the marketing function and to ensure marketing operations.

I helped MEET diversify its current business model aimed primarily at the consumer market, leveraging the skills and assets gained to define an innovative service offering for the business market.

I joined PiùMe management on a journey of refinement and discovery of marketing best practices in order to identify their best business development strategies.

I organized the “Empathic Communication” training course for the Adevinta Group, aimed at employees of Subito.it to improve some soft skills and foster feedback management.

I helped Contactlab position its new product on the market, SEND — a communication platform that grew into a highly popular cornerstone of the marketing community.

I helped iGenius build a marketing team from scratch, managing team selection and onboarding. Together, we then created the company’s new brand identity and sales assets to launch their product, crystal.

I helped Myntelligence carry out its rebranding and corporate transformation into MINT. I worked with the Creative team to create the new storytelling and visual identity.

I am a lecturer of the HPE Partner Marketing Academy organizing different training courses on emotional intelligence, lateral thinking and brand storytelling.


    My experience

    Micaela Raimondi Temporary Marketing Manager

    As an independent professional, my goal is to immerse myself immediately into your company and inject my strong skills and sense of innovation.

    I’m not affected by day-to-day ways of working, nor by industry norms. This allows me to enter your organization seamlessly, think outside the box and find the right innovative solutions.

    While carrying out the project, I share knowledge to internal management, ensuring the project continues even after I’ve completed it.

    I have access to particular resources and collaborations — using this access to develop new synergies and give the company a new long-term asset.

    My expertise has grown over the years by a combination of two things — interest in, and study of, design and communication, and a strong analytical and managerial background.

    I started my career at the Bain & Company, where I gained a deep knowledge of business processes and models in different market contexts (financial, energy, retail and media).

    I then spent almost 10 years in one of the biggest tech companies in the world: HP. During this time, I had multiple managerial roles in Italy and internationally, as Marketing and Product Manager. I managed complexity astutely and flexibly. I oversaw the launch of new products on the market, developed marketing campaigns for the generation of new business, and coordinated events — from local ones, to large international conventions.

    In the last 6 years, I’ve worked with some of the most promising tech scaleups, such as Contactlab, crystal by iGenius, MINT and Contents.com as a Marketing Director and Board Member — helping them build a solid marketing foundation from scratch.

    The transition to freelancing has given me the opportunity and the desire to dedicate myself to a topic that is dear to me: changing the status quo through the adoption of behaviors and attitudes aimed at promoting good doing and innovative thinking. That is why I founded, with Federica Digiorgio, “The Good Attitude”, the platform for training, discussion and collaboration that through training courses, a podcast and its own merchandising wants to stimulate a movement of change to improve the status quo and initiate a New Normal.